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What are managed network services?

Managed network services are IT services provided by a third-party for managing the infrastructure, software and technical support required to operate an organization’s network.

Managed network services may include everything from providing and managing hardware such as servers, routers and switches, to installing and managing software such as applications, operating systems and firewalls, and providing security for network infrastructure and the data that resides on it.
Many organizations today are turning to managed network services to help increase productivity, improve performance and reduce costs. But what are managed network services exactly, and what benefits do they offer the enterprise? Here’s a brief download on “What are managed network services?” that offers an overview of this enterprise IT trend.


What are managed network services?

Managed network services enable organizations to outsource all or part of the installation, management, monitoring, troubleshooting and support of their IT network to a third-party provider.

What are managed network services' advantages?

Managed network services enable organizations to:

What are  managed network services providers?

Managed network services providers are companies that specialize in network management, providing clients with access to teams of experts in a wide range of network-related skills.

What are managed network services’ impact on risk management?

Managed network providers help organizations to substantially reduce risk through their expertise in optimizing network performance, their in-depth knowledge of technical and industry trends and their understanding of changing industry policies and compliance issues.

What are managed network services’ effect on business continuity?

By centralizing network resources in an off-site location with cloud backup, managed network services can help to ensure business continuity by enabling operations to continue with little or no interruption during a disaster or outage.

What are managed network services from Enterprise?

Our offerings include managed network services such as a Managed Router, Managed WiFi, Managed Security and Managed Cloud services that help to improve network performance while minimizing costs and enabling IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

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